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The Village

Located in the northeast of the city of Pafos is the beautiful green community of Agia Marina Kelokedaron. Its natural vegetation, old fountains and churches are only some of the beauties one encounters when visiting the village of Agia Marina.


The village was named “Agia Marina” to stand out from the neighbouring Turkish –Cypriot villages, while the name “Kelokedaron” was added since the village is located very close to the community of Kelokedara and that would help distinguish it from another village of Pafos bearing the same naming, that being Agia Marina Chrysochous.

Historical information

According to tradition, during the Turkish occupation the village was built at the location “Tzira Eleousa”, near “Xeropotamos” and the village of Nata. Later on, the residents who survived the persecutions and massacres by the Turks settled at the location Agios Georgios which is located next to the church of Agia Marina. 

After years, the Greeks and Turks lived together at the village. However, in 1923 the Turkish – Cypriot residents of the village left after an argument.


The population of Agia Marina Kelokedaron, as it is presented in the table below, showed a constant increase from 1881 until 1960. However, during the 1960s the population of the village began to decline due to migration and urbanisation. In particular, in 2001 the village had only 31 residents. 


Number of residents


Number of residents
















In the past, the majority of the village’s families had a lot of members. In fact, in 1920 the 17 families living in the village had a total of 132 children.

What is also worth mentioning is that the residents of the village served in various European countries during World War I and World War II.  


Located in Agia Marina is the church dedicated to Agia Marina. It is a Byzantine type chuch which presents common architectural features with the Monastery of “Panagia tou Sindi”, as well as a small deserted chapel dedicated to Agios Georgios.

Monastery of “Panagia tou Sindi”

On the eastern bank of river Xeros stands dominating the Monastery of “Panagia tou Sindi”. Although the exact year of its construction remains unknown, according to a document of that time the Monastery appears to have already been built during the Venetian occupation. The Monastery was restored in 1997 and received the Europa Nostra award in the same year. 


Agia Marina Community Council


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